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Southbend Lathe Oiling and CleaningSouth Bend Lathe Works was founded in 1906 by Irish twin brothers John and Miles O’Brien. They wanted to concentrate on producing lathes of the finest …

South Bend 9-inch Workshop Lathe Stands and Drive Systems. During its first two years of production the "Workshop" lathe was available as either a bench …

Lathe Turning Woodwrite Pen Lathe William Wood-Write Ltd., located in Guelph Ontario, is an independent family-run business and Canada’s premier one-stop shopping source for penmaking supplies. Dedicated pen blank drilling chuck. Drill a perfectly centered hole in your blank on your lathe using this unique lathe chuck. The chuck includes two 2 … Automatic mini-lathes that are
Wood Lathe The lathe is an ancient tool, dating at least to ancient Egypt and known to be used in Assyria and ancient Greece. The lathe was very important to the … The lathe in action. For machining MDF, I find standard wood chisels seem to work fine. Note that I only have one hand on the

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